Tracy Winkler

System & Soul Executive Coach

Working Genius Facilitator

Tracy's Story

Tracy Winkler is not just familiar with change; she champions it. With roots deeply embedded in entrepreneurial soil, as a third-generation entrepreneur, Tracy's journey spanning over 30 years is rich with experience in executive management, business ownership, and leadership development.

She's the heart and soul behind Elevate2Grow Leadership Coaching, a testament to her relentless drive and commitment. From witnessing the ebbs and flows of family businesses to owning and navigating multiple ventures herself, Tracy's perspective on business is holistic.

Tracy is more than a business leader; she's a motivational powerhouse. Drawing from these experiences, she has honed her ability to identify core issues, pivot swiftly, and steer professionals and businesses toward transformative success.

As a dedicated change agent, experienced consultant, and business strategy coach using the System & Soul framework, Tracy helps you marry smart business systems with people-first practices to create breakthroughs and accelerate growth.  Tracy's energy-infused approach combines radically candid conversations with actionable strategies.

Her mission? To cultivate resilience, enhance productivity, and inspire breakthroughs for both individuals and organizations.


What Makes Tracy Unique?

  • Professionally certified in System & Soul and Working Genius
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Raised by serial entrepreneurs
  • 3rd Generation at Bosselman Companies (20 years)
  • Granddaughter of Fred Bosselman, known as the "Granddaddy of the Truckstoppers"
  • Founder and co-founder of multiple businesses
  • Change maker

All Businesses Eventually Get "Stuck"

Thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide benefit from Working Genius and/or System & Soul to break through ceilings to achieve business and personal growth. Owners and leaders Tracy works with usually hit the ceiling; they are stuck, frustrated, and looking for more freedom, money, and control in their businesses and lives.  

Tracy combines System & Soul and Working Genius with her knowledge and experience of how to build a great business faster!  It’s not easy running a business and managing a team.  With effective tools and a winning team, it can be. 

Tracy can help you figure out the right path with no obligation whatsoever. You get results, or you don’t pay. It’s that simple.