System & Soul Executive Business Coaching

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What is System & Soul?

System & Soul is a revolutionary business framework that seamlessly integrates the precision of operations with the heart and soul of your business. It's a transformative journey guided by a unique roadmap with three distinct phases: Clarity, Control, and Breakthrough. Elevate Growth Leadership Coaching is proud to be a certified System & Soul coach.


What Makes System & Soul Unique?

  • System & Soul stands alone as the only business framework that joins together system and soul for unprecedented breakthroughs in your business.

  • Built up from values like staying grounded, doing the work, and championing dignity, System & Soul establishes organizational habits and a vibrant culture, keeping the humanity of your organization at the core.

  • Six essential elements form the backbone of System & Soul, meticulously combined to create a balance of process and people, shaping proven and productive organizations 

How System & Soul Works

Is System & Soul the Right Fit for Your Business?


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System & Soul is best fit for businesses with an annual revenue of $2M or more and 10+ full-time employees. Since System & Soul is a flexible framework designed to grow alongside your business, it’s the right fit for businesses in any industry — as long as you’re willing to put in the work

Here’s what you can expect when you implement System & Soul:

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Tangible Clarity in 31 Days


From day one, businesses experience a swift transformation from inconsistency to accountability, disconnection to cohesion, and dysfunction to productivity.

Strategic Momentum Every 90 Days

The System & Soul framework ensures sustained momentum, addressing major obstacles, setting quarterly focus, and cultivating healthier team habits every 90 days.

Focused Transformation Phases

The Clarity Phase initiates the journey, onboarding tools, and best practices, followed by the Control and Breakthrough Phases, a year-long cycle of quarterly refuels, and an annual strategy session.

Ready to Get Started?


Is executive business coaching through System & Soul the right solution to create meaningful growth for your business? Get started with a 30-minute obligation-free call with Tracy.

1. Book a Discovery Call

Let’s get talking! Schedule a free 30-minute call with Tracy to go over where your pain points lie and determine if System & Soul would be a good fit.

2. Connect With Leadership

Bring the leadership team around the table and dive deeper into how your company is operating, viewing it through the System & Soul lens.

3. Get Started on Day 1!

It’s go time! We’re getting started on pivotal Day One, paving the way for the tangible clarity you’ll have at the end of the first 31 days.