Working Genius™ Will Change Your Life and Team for the Better

What is the Working Genius?

The Working Genius is a swift productivity tool by Patrick Lencioni that helps optimize team productivity. It identifies individual strengths and weaknesses across six work stages, revealing two top skills, two competencies, and two potential frustrations per person.

Unlike other tools, it emphasizes talents needed for task completion, benefiting organizations and boosting team morale. It assists team members in understanding their effective contribution at work.

Everyone has two geniuses, competencies, and frustrations, providing insight into their unique capabilities and work fulfillment.

The 6 Types of Working Genius




People with Wonder may ask, "Is there a better way?" They love to sit and imagine the possibilities. 



People with the Genius of Invention get joy from taking ideas and brainstorming solutions.




People with the Genius of Discernment have a natural ability to evaluate the workability of ideas and give people good feedback.



People with the Genius of Galvanizing love to get things going by rallying people around an idea and moving them in the right direction.




People with the Genius of Enablement are the ones who make things happen. They know how to help, when to help, and can flex to what needs to happen in order to help realize a vision.



People with the Genius of Tenacity are task-oriented and love to take things across the finish line. They ensure it's going to have the impact it's supposed to have and lives up to agreed-upon standards.

What Working Genius Can Do For Your Company

Working Genius promotes improved performance, productivity, and job satisfaction by focusing on individuals’ inherent strengths and talents. The Working Genius model delivers several key outcomes for teams and organizations:

Enhanced Team Morale
By understanding individual strengths and frustrations, the model improves team morale as members understand their roles better.
Improved Collaboration
It facilitates efficient teamwork by providing a shared language for better collaboration and strategizing.
Optimal Team Placement
It helps to ensure the right team members are in the right roles based on their geniuses and competencies, improving overall performance.
Insightful Hiring Decisions
The model can guide recruitment, identifying prospective employees best suited for certain roles and projects.
Performance Gap Analysis
It assists in pinpointing the reasons behind any performance gaps, allowing for strategic adjustments.
Increased Productivity and Job Fulfillment
By focusing on the areas that energize team members, the model boosts productivity and job satisfaction.
Project Management
It provides a clear perspective from idea inception to project completion, enabling the right people to be deployed at the right time.
Strategic Planning
Understanding team strengths and weaknesses allows for clever and immediate strategic planning.

 The Working Genius Process


Working Genius™ Workshops

  • Up to 12 individual Working Genius™ assessments per team
  • Leader training and preparation for the workshop
  • Individual assessment debriefing for each participant
  • Team map showing Working Geniuses™ and Frustrations of all participants
  • 2 or 4-hour interactive workshop with the entire team

What is the best setting for your team?

Workshops and retreats may be conducted:

  • Virtually via Zoom
  • Onsite at your organization
  • At a local venue
  • Even a unique destination

The client covers travel and accommodation costs.

"Everyone (regardless of their Working Genius) craves to be seen, understood, and wanted."