Micro Business Academy Mastermind Groups

Accelerate your organization's growth.

Is your business a stage I or II entrepreneurial company with an annual revenue of $1M to $50M?


Are you yearning for clarity in a sea of overwhelming options? Micro Business Academy is your gateway to growth, combining the power of the System & Soul Framework, executive coaching, and a dynamic peer group.

Why Micro Business Academy?


Clarify and Strengthen Your Business:

  • Unpack the 6 key elements of your organization with precision, aligning them for optimal performance.

  • Join forces with a similar-stage peer group, leveraging collective knowledge for confident growth.

Belong to a Peer Group:

  • Combat the isolation of entrepreneurship with a community that understands your unique challenges.

  • Benefit from accountability partners who propel you toward your goals.

  • Receive constructive feedback to refine your ideas and strategies.

Work with an Executive Coach:

  • Stay on track with personalized coaching support.

  • Develop growth strategies tailored to your unique business landscape.

  • Gain an objective viewpoint to illuminate new possibilities.

The Micro Business Academy Model


Embrace the proven System & Soul framework to craft a clear and sustainable roadmap for your growth journey.


Join a growth-minded cohort for unfiltered feedback and lasting connections, removing some of the loneliness felt by many entrepreneurs.


Navigate challenges with a seasoned coach by your side, helping you to gain perspective.


Though in-person meet-ups are possible, time is a precious commodity. MBA is just as successful virtually, allowing you to level up without added travel or lost time.


What to Expect from the Micro Business Academy Journey




Over 12 months, guided by your coach, you and your cohort will progress through the six phases of Micro Business Academy:

  • Months 1-3: Chart your S2 Roadmap

  • Months 3-5: Build out your org chart

  • Months 5-7: Create your S2 Scorecard

  • Months 7-9: Decide on key quarterly objectives

  • Months 9-11: Design your S2 Weekly Sync

  • Months 11-12: Wrap up with the S2 Diagnostic and put all of the pieces together

Get Started with Micro Business Academy

Are you ready to transform your business into a thriving, purpose-driven organization? Schedule a discovery call with Tracy today and let the Micro Business Academy be your catalyst for meaningful growth.

1. Discovery Call

Explore your goals and obstacles to determine if Micro Business Academy aligns with your organization's needs.

2. 60-Minute Meeting

Assess the state of your organization with your coach, Tracy, and lay the groundwork for breakthrough.

3. Get Enrolled!

Kickstart your journey in the next MBA cohort, gaining access to course materials and the powerful S2 Sync app.