What is Working Genius?

Understanding individual and team dynamics is essential for business success. One powerful tool is the Working Genius model, offering valuable insights into how individuals and teams can optimize their performance by leveraging each person’s unique strengths and talents.

Understanding the Working Genius Model

At its core, the Working Genius model identifies six types of genius, representing core competencies individuals bring to the workplace.

Out of these six identified geniuses, you and your team members all have two primary geniuses, two competencies, and two frustrations. This shapes how you and your team approach your work and interact with others.

The Six Types of Genius:

  • Wonder: asks probing questions and explores new ideas
  • Invention: focuses on creativity and problem-solving
  • Discernment: makes insightful judgments and decisions
  • Galvanizing: centers on inspiring and motivating others
  • Enablement: organizes and facilitates effective collaboration
  • Tenacity: emphasizes a task-oriented approach to taking projects over the finish line

Leveraging Team Dynamics with Working Genius

Understanding your own and your team’s genius enables your team to emphasize strengths and maximize contributions. For example:

  • Team members strong in Wonder and Invention excel at generating innovative ideas and solutions but may not enjoy project management
  • Team members with a knack for Discernment and Enablement thrive in making strategic decisions and facilitating effective teamwork but may struggle with creative brainstorming

Leaning into the diverse talents and perspectives within the team can create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best work based on what they love to do. Collaboration becomes more effective as team members leverage their complementary geniuses to address challenges and achieve common goals.

Let’s Talk About the Frustrations

Frustrations: we all have them. Think of the types of tasks you dread doing — those tasks will likely land in your frustration zone. 

Understand that your frustrations may align with another team member’s genius, allowing for better delegation and task alignment throughout the team. By recognizing and addressing these frustrations, individuals can focus on tasks that align with their strengths, fostering a more productive and fulfilling work environment.

Why Working Genius?

In a world of Enneagrams, Myer-Briggs, DiSC, Big Five, and so on, why choose the Working Genius?

I love the tools and frameworks listed, but I became a certified Working Genius facilitator because the Working Genius emphasizes talents needed for task completion, benefiting organizations and boosting team morale. When put into context, the Working Genius helps team members understand their effective contribution at work, encouraging each person to take pride in their role on the overall team.

The Working Genius is also a fantastic tool for understanding each team member’s Unique Ability, which aligns with ensuring their position is a Healthy F.I.T. for them and for your company (I talk more about the Healthy F.I.T. equation here).

Get Started With Working Genius

Ready to learn more? Explore additional resources to help your team embrace their genius, including an application for a free Working Genius assessment and information on workshops and retreats for your team.